Friday, December 7, 2018

The dancing guy by thesunshinethagain

One faithful day, I was standing in a hallway awaiting someone’s arrival. Now mind you, I wasn’t the only one waiting—and I wasn’t the only one standing. It was a rather crowded hallway.

Within few seconds of waiting, there comes the dancing guy. He was literally dancing his way through the crowded hallway while the bystanders made way for him. With his music loud enough, he smiled from ear to ear while dancing as though he’s the recipient for the mega million lottery.

When he made his way through us, we all smiled and murmured “it must be his birthday or something!” Because we couldn’t fathom how someone could be so happy and in such a jubilant mood at 7:50am. The day barely started, so what else besides his birthday could make him this excited?

After reaching his destination and accomplishing his task, the dancing guy returned back our way–this time even more excited than we last saw him. His moves were larger and his grin bigger. To our surprise, He stopped in the middle, perhaps he had read the perplexed look on our faces and said: “live your life because if you don’t eventually you’ll die!”

That was the message for the day: LIVE YOUR LIFE! It wasn’t his birthday, he didn’t win any lottery–he was just simply glad and happy to witness yet another day. And dancing at 7:50am was his way of living life. He was unapologetically happy—one that was contagious.

Look unto the things that you do have and be less worried about that which you don’t have. Rejoice for what you do have while still working towards that which you don’t have. Don’t let the lack thereof to determine your demeanor and outlook for each day.

Dance. Sing. Rejoice. Be happy! Because all you have is now, and once it’s gone you’ll never get it back! Dance your way through the day—whatever it takes to keep you going.

Love & light.


Friday, November 30, 2018

What do you wish to be?

There was an assignment given by a third grade teacher to her kids in an Elementary School.

They all had to write about one subject which was: “What do you wish to be?”

The teacher collected all of her students’ assignments and took them home to read and mark them.

When she started reading and marking, one assignment engaged her attention and made her cry.

Her husband walked in and saw her crying and asked for the reason.

She said: “Read this essay please. ”

Her husband started reading the essay loudly:

“Today I would like to wish in a very different way. I know it may seem strange to you but I wish I was a TV. Because everyone likes TV and they gather around it. They pay attention to the TV and listen carefully to hear it well. Everyone stays quiet to catch what the TV is saying. My father has time to listen to the TV even when he is tired. My mother can pay attention to the TV even when she doesn’t like to do anything else. If I was a TV, they would take me seriously. I would have a special place and be center of attention. I know my wish doesn’t make sense and looks weird and unusual, but this is what I wish I was .”

Her husband continued: “What an awful parents this poor kid has. Who is she?”

The teacher wiped her tears and said: “OUR DAUGHTER”



The sparrow.

Once upon a time a sparrow got captured by a man.

The sparrow asked: “What will you do to me?”

The hunter said: “I will kill you and eat you. ”

The sparrow replied: “I am very small and would be just a little bite for you. If you let me go I will teach you three lessons which could be useful to you for a life time .”

The hunter thought that wasn’t a bad idea and responded: “Alright, tell me the first lesson now in my hand, the second lesson when you are flying and the third one when you sit on that tree. ”


The sparrow agreed and said: “Never regret your loss. ”

The hunter opened his hand and the sparrow continued: “Never believe the impossible. ”

The sparrow then sat on the tree and said: “If you had killed me, you could have owned the 2 kilograms of gold stone that I am carrying in my stomach. You would have been rich. But you let me go. ”

The hunter got so sad but there was nothing he could do, and asked for the third lesson.

The sparrow said: “You didn’t listen to the first two lessons, why do you need to hear the third one? I told you not to regret your loss, and you did regret losing me. I told you not to believe the impossible, how can a little bird like me carry 2 kilograms of gold?

You should know the third lesson by now; When greed comes along, people believe the impossible. And when they lose everything to reach the impossible, they regret their loss. ” And then flew away.









Born with no tail by Laleh Chini.

A long time ago, on the way to a small town, a donkey was stuck in a hole and the owner was trying hard to rescue his donkey.

A passer saw the situation and came to help.

The passer held the donkey’s tail and tried to pull hard to help the donkey come out of the hole but instead, he ripped the tail off. The owner started to yell. The passer ran away and the owner ran after him.

The passer ran into a dead end, so he entered a house without permission.

There was a pregnant woman in the house and got very scared which made her lose her fetus, so her husband started to run after the passer along with the donkey’s owner.

The passer was running fast and jumped over a wall and fell on a sick man who was there with his son and killed the sick man.


The son of the sick man ran after the passer along with the donkey’s owner and the pregnant woman’s husband.

On the way, a pedestrian was passing with a shepherd’s cane when the passer accidentally hit him. The cane broke and went into the pedestrian’s eye, causing it to go blind. The pedestrian as well as the others, ran after the passer.

The passer had no choice but to run to the town’s only judge.

When he entered the judge’s house without authorization, he found out the judge was with somebody’s wife and was having an affair.

After a few moments, all four complainants walked into the judge’s house and started shouting and complaining about the passer.

The judge knew in order to keep the affair secret; he had to vote against the complainants.

The pedestrian started explaining his story and asked for justice. The judge said: “how can I be sure that you didn’t hit the passer. You have to bring four eye witnesses, and if you don’t have any, you should pay a 30 coins fine for wasting a judge’s time .” The poor pedestrian paid 30 coins and left.

The son of the sick man was called and he told his story. The judge said: “The equal punishment would be for you to jump on the passer’s father just once. If his father was as sick as your father, he will die. But because the passer doesn’t have a sick father, you have to pay 30 coins as well for wasting my time. ” The son paid the fine and walked away sad and disappointed.

The husband of the pregnant woman explained what had happened and he was sad because this was their fourth loss as they had been trying to have a child.

The judge said: “you lost three babies already, why should I blame the fourth one on the passer? Pay 30 coins for wasting my time. ”

The donkey’s owner got up to leave without complaining. The judge said: “It is your turn. Why are you leaving .”

The donkey owner replied: “Your honour, my donkey was born with no tail.”



Deceived by Laleh Chini.

A hungry fox was passing by a village when he saw a rooster. Eager to relieve his hunger, the fox tried to find a way to hunt the rooster.

The fox told the rooster: “Hello friend, I knew your father, he had a great voice. How about you? Are you a good singer?”

The rooster replied: “Of course I am. In fact, I sing better than my father,” and closed his eyes to sing.

The fox’s plan worked well, it was the perfect opportunity for him to hunt the credulous rooster.  The fox jumped and grabbed the rooster with his teeth.

The rooster regretted how easy he was deceived and started to crow.

The village’s dogs heard the rooster’s crow and ran toward the fox.

The rooster told the fox: “In order to stop the dogs to follow you, you should shout and tell them, ‘This rooster doesn’t belong to your village, I got it from another village.

The fox believed that to be a great idea and opened his mouth to shout without hesitation, setting the rooster free.

The fox realized how he was tricked by the rooster and said: “Curse on the mouth that opens untimely. ''

The rooster responded: “And curse to the eyes that close untimely.”





Tiny house by Laleh Chini.

Once upon a time, there was a poor man living in a tiny house with his wife and five children. The house was so small that it only had one room which they used as their kitchen, living room and bedroom.

In his very small yard he had a cow, a goat and a few chickens. Their living space was putting them under pressure; it was very hard to sleep at night with all seven of them in one room, making them complain each and every night.

One day he decided to go to their village’s wise man and asks him what to do.

The wise man listened to his situation and told him: “Take the chickens to your room tonight to sleep with all of you. ” The poor man said: “But we already don’t have enough space for ourselves. ”

The wise man said: “If you want your problem to be solved, do as I tell you. ”

That night, the poor man took the chickens inside.

The poor man and his family didn’t get a single minute of sleep that night. He went to the wise man again the next day and told him all about their difficult night.

The wise man said: “Tonight, you should take the goat and the chickens in your room. ”

The poor man left angrily, but did what he was told. That night was a nightmare as well, so he went to the wise man the next morning.

The wise man said: “Tonight, your cow is coming to your room as well as the goat and chickens. ”

The poor man mumbled and left. That tiny room didn’t have enough space to fit the cow so everyone where standing side by side until the morning.

The next day the wise man said: “Tonight, take all of your animals outside and sleep, come to me tomorrow and let me know what happened. ”

The poor man and his family slept comfortable all night without any problems. The next morning he went to the wise man and said that he never had such a wonderful sleep in years.

The wise man said: “This is exactly how we are. When we have something, we don’t appreciate it. If we lose it then we realize how precious it was. We need to be patient and thankful for what we have.”

Thursday, November 29, 2018

I wish i could freeze the time at 18 by harbisolarh, Labake's blog.

🎶ɨ աɨsɦ ɨ ċօʊʟɖ ʄʀɛɛʐɛ tɦɛ tɨʍɛ at eighteen 🎶💋
Before I turned 🔞I had wishes. Which actually happened when I turned 🔞I felt like I had grown so much, felt like I was the biggest girl in the world 🌎 The first thing was having a boyfriend , before I turned 1️⃣8️⃣ whenever I see people with their boyfriends or girlfriends (I would say in my mind, I wish I could just be this age everyone call legal age). Having a boyfriend is so loving, kinda stressful, I loved him 😍 and he actually loves me back. The second was getting to taste the great deal of alcohol 🍺 before I turned 1️⃣8️⃣ i watched so many advertisements of different alcohol it is always written on it 1️⃣8️⃣ and above, I waited till I turned 1️⃣8️⃣ and I did what I wished. The third was hangout, first time I went to a club I went my friends it was so fun I danced away the boredom life I lead before I turned 1️⃣8️⃣. The fourth was a sleepover at bestie house 🏡 before I turned 1️⃣8️⃣ my mom will always say you are not yet legal to sleep out , but when I turned 18 it was a great night at bestie house.
But when I was growing older I realized there’s more to life than that I think highly, I was more matured, I got irritated 😤 going to parties 🎉.
I read more books 📚, I slept in libraries rather then a sleepover at bestie house . I watched motivational videos rather than an advertisement on alcohol 🍺.

But I had a flash back,to when I was 1️⃣8️⃣ that I wish could just freeze the time or let it stay young that it wouldn’t grow older , I wouldn’t have to think or be matured enough to stop all what I did at 1️⃣8️⃣.
~~🦋Brownskingirl 🦋

*Hope you learnt from this piece she wrote*